Welcome to the sisters of Grandchamp!

The community of Grandchamp is a monastic community and brings together sisters from different churches and various countries. Our ecumenical vocation commits us on the path of reconciliation among Christians and within the human family, and to respect the whole of creation.

Pray and work that God may reign

Throughout your day,
Let the Word of God breathe life into work and rest.
Maintain inner silence in all things
so as to dwell in Christ.
Be filled with the spirit of the beatitudes,
joy, simplicity, mercy.

A Life of Prayer

Our prayer, poor as it is, is a participation in the praise of the communion of saints in heaven and on earth, in the very prayer and intercession of Christ.

Life together

…is to live a parable of communion: in joy, simplicity and mercy, as in a dance, always moving towards.


“Come apart and rest awhile…”


The Community of Grandchamp – who are we?

Sonnenhof – "Haus der Stille"

Sonnenhof, our house in Gelterkinden


Common prayer:
7.15 am – 12.15 pm – 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Thursdays at 6.30 pm and Sundays at 7.30 am

Pray in communion with us

Here you can follow live our common prayer according to the timetable.


News from Grandchamp


Our Newsletter and other publications

Upcoming events

mardi 5 décembre
20h15 "Pleins d'espérance, attendons !"
Veillée méditative de l'Avent

7 - 10 décembre
Retraite "Tu m'apprendras le chemin de vie"
Introduction à la prière silencieuse

Exercices contemplatifs à Auschwitz

Dans les exercices contemplatifs, nous nous approchons de ce mystère et sommes prêts/prêtes à nous laisser toucher par la terre d’Auschwitz. En cela, la prière de Jésus nous invite à ne pas rester avec nos représentations acquises ou nos préjugés, mais à être disposés à nous laisser transformer et guérir dans nos profondeurs.

Sister Minke – The Way of the Cross -Introduction

Meditations and prayers prepared by sister Minke and presented to Pope John Paul II for the celebration of the Stations of the Cross in the Colloseum, Rome, Italy, on Good Friday, 14 April 1995.