“Come apart and rest awhile …”

Friends icon“In the guest that we welcome, it is Christ Himself whom we receive” (Rule of Taizé). The women, men and sometimes families we welcome come from very different horizons. All are, like us, seekers for Meaning, for Life, for Happiness, for God.

We invite you to come to us either as an individual guest, or to take part in one of the retreats that we organise (and which can be found on the annual programme), or with a group or as a volunteer.


Common prayer

7.15 am* – 12.15 pm – 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm**

(* except Monday, ** except Sunday)


Thursdays at 6.30 pm and Sundays (usually) at 7.30 am

Upcoming events

28 mars - 2 avril
Retraite de Pâques
« Que toute ma vie soit pour toi, Dieu qui nous aime,
 une fête et un grand jour. » (Grégoire de Nysse)

12 - 15 avril
Introduction à l‘attitude contemplative et à la prière de Jésus
retraite complète, liste d’attente complète

18 - 21 mai
Retraite de Pentecôte
« Le Saint Esprit : « Le baiser de Dieu pour nous » » (Saint Bernard)


28.3 – 2.4
”Que toute ma vie soit pour toi, Dieu qui nous aime, une fête et un grand jour !” /Grégoire de Nysse/

Retraite de la Semaine Sainte et Pâques
Pasteur Antoine Reymond

12.4 - 15.4
Introduction à l‘attitude contemplative et à la prière de Jésus
avec Karin Seethaler, s. Anne-Emmanuelle et s. Pascale
retraite complète, liste d’attente complète

18.5 – 21.5
“Le Saint Esprit : “Baiser de Dieu’ pour nous””

Vivre la fête de Pentecôte – s’ouvrir au don de l’Esprit
Pasteure Aline Lasserre

”La faiblesse de Dieu : force pour notre vie”

Retraite pour couples
Pasteurs Guy et Aline Lasserre

17.8 – 26.8
“Jeûne et saveurs bibliques”
Une semaine de jeûne, un chemin spirituel
Dr Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo et Sœur Birgit

“En ton amour, écoute ma voix”
Journée pour les enfants – prière et découverte de la communauté
Sœurs de Grandchamp

2.11 – 4.11
”De Toi mon cœur a dit : cherche sa face !”
Weekend pour jeunes adultes (20 à 35 ans)
Sœurs de Grandchamp

6.12 – 9.12
”Un cœur qui écoute…”
Introduction à la prière silencieuse
Sœur Pascale et Maria Cornoldi

13.12 / 15.12
Retraite d’un jour dans l’Avent
Une même retraite donnée le jeudi et le samedi
Sœurs de Grandchamp

23.12 – 26.12
”Voici votre Dieu !”
Vivre ensemble la fête de Noël
Sœurs de Grandchamp

Eucharisties de fête

24 décembre - Noël - 22h30
31 décembre - St Nom de Jésus - 23h00

6 janvier - Épiphanie - 11h30
14 février- Mercredi des Cendres - 7h15
25 mars- Rameaux - 11h00
1er avril - Pâques - 5h00
10 mai - Ascension - 11h30
20 mai - Pentecôte - 9h00
6 août - Transfiguration - 11h30
24 décembre - Noël - 22h30
31 décembre - St Nom de Jésus - 23h00

Cours et Sessions

Soirées de Lectio Divina avec Sœur Pascale
16.3 – 20.4 – 25.5 – 8.6 – 19.10 – 2.11 – 30.11 – 14.12
de 20h00 à 21h30

Cycle de lecture midrashique avec le Professeur Armand Abécassis
14.03 (annulé!) – 25.04 – 05.09 – 24.10
de 14h00 à 17h30

Ateliers bibliques avec Thérèse Glardon : "Dialogues avec le Bien–Aimé"
Le Cantique des Cantiques éclairé de la lectio divina et de l’hébreu
03.03 – 12.05 – 20.10
de 14h30 à 17h30

Sessions Bethasda Évangélisation des profondeurs
Un nouveau cycle commencera en 2019.
Pour plus de renseignements :

Retraite "Amour et Pardon"
organisée par la Fraternité du Bon Samaritain
22. – 30.06
Pour plus de renseignements :


In the course of the year we offer various retreats, times set aside whether a day or a weekend or several days. We invite guests to live them in the setting offered by the community: with common prayer, meals taken together in silence and staying in simple rooms. With the accompaniment of a minister or a sister we seek to deepen aspects of spiritual life, or the meaning of a liturgical festival, or fast for some days… during the retreat silence and solitude are helpful. However there are places for speaking: in sharing in groups or one to one conversations with the person accompanying the retreat.

More information and explanations of the retreats can be found in the annual program.

Individual guests

For women or men wanting to come in quietness for one or a few days or to step aside from their daily routine, we offer a place of prayer, of silence and of inner refreshment. A sister is designated to meet each guest. She will introduce them to the setting of the community with the four times of common prayer and the meals taken in silence with the community. And if the guest wishes the sister is there to listen, and ready to give spiritual accompaniment or an individual retreat.

For someone coming alone for the first time we would advise a stay of two or three days.


We also welcome groups who have their own programme and want to live it in the setting offered by the Community: common prayer and meals in silence with the community. The rooms – mostly single rooms, are quite basic. A sister is designated to welcome the group and she will give practical information at the beginning to facilitate their stay. She is also available to introduce the group to the liturgy and /or to answer questions about the community. If the group wants the sister to participate in their program in any other way, it is good to let us know in advance what is wanted. We also welcome groups who want to make a short visit to participate in prayer with the community and to meet with a sister (visiting groups).

Some details for groups:

  • Numbers: to be specified when we fix the date of your visit. In general 10 to 15 people or in exceptional cases 18-20. This depends on the needs of the group and the possibilities of the community to receive them.
  • Notice: We need the list of participants (surname, first names, age and any particular needs of diet, or whether they need to be on the ground floor…) at least three weeks before the arrival of the group.
  • What to bring: If possible bring a sheet, a duvet cover, and towels. It is possible to hire them from the community for 6 Swiss francs a person.
  • Prices for 2016: 60-80 Swiss Francs a day for full board. Payment in euros is possible.

In the case of late cancellation – that is four weeks or less before arrival – we ask you to pay some compensation: thank you for your understanding.

For day groups and visits: We can welcome 40 to 50 people. We appreciate a financial contribution according to what is possible.:



Being a volunteer at Grandchamp gives you the chance to share the community’s life of prayer and work, life that is rooted in the monastic tradition. The community’s rhythm is one of communion and sharing, where silence and times of solitude are important. We offer this same rhythm to the volunteer group, with sharing with the group and solitude that allow time for reflection on personal questions, making space to deepen the search for and relationship with God.

Throughout their stay, each volunteer meets about once a week with a sister who listens to them and accompanies them on their personal journey. Each week the group of volunteers meets with a sister for a meal together – the other meals are taken together with the guests and the community – volunteers also meet to share around a biblical, spiritual or liturgical theme.

volontaires merciVolunteers are mainly women and men between 18 and 40 years old. But there are exceptions. People over 40 may also come as volunteers; they follow the same rhythm of work and personal accompaniment, with some adjustments with regard to the group.

For a first experience of volunteering a minimum stay of three or four weeks is recommended. Volunteers may stay several months or even a year, in which case, there is a review at the end of the first month to discern if a prolonged stay is good for all concerned.

Volunteers work 24 hours a week – usually two full days and four half days: 9.00am to 12.00 noon and/or 3.00pm to 6.00pm, or if need be 6 mornings and 1 hour each afternoon – doing house work or kitchen or garden work. To this is added helping after meals with the dishes. Sundays (in theory) are rest days.

The community provides lodging (in an individual room) and full board. The volunteer requires health insurance. Volunteers are also responsible for their own needs in toiletries, stamps, snacks etc…

If this offer interests you, do not hesitate to contact us and introduce yourself and let us know why you feel drawn to such a stay, or to ask for more information.


Thank you for providing the following information:

  • Surname and first names
  • Full address
  • Date of Birth
  • Training or Profession
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Dates and length of time you require
  • Remarks (including any dietary requirements)

Practical information

How to get to Grandchamp?

By train:
From the Neuchâtel train station, bus no. 107 or 109 to Place Pury, then at the lakefront, take tram no. 215 to Areuse.

By car:
Motorway Neuchâtel-Yverdon-Lausanne, exit Areuse/Cortaillod.

Price for the stay:

CHF 60.–  to CHF 80.–  by day (all meals included).
EURO according to the exchange rate, currently € 50.— à € 76.—

Everyone takes part according to her or his possibilities. The financial question should not be an obstacle to anybody.

Who gives more, allows participation of those who give less.

Bank details:
Account owner: Fondation des retraites spirituelles de la Communauté de Grandchamp
PostFinance, 3030 Berne
CCP 20-2358-6,
IBAN : CH36 0900 0000 2000 2358 6 ;

In the case of cancellation we appreciate a financial compensation.