Servants of Unity (Servantes de l'Unité)

As Servants of Unity,
staying faithful to the Church of our Baptism,
we pray for the visible unity of Christians and of the world:
“So that God may be all in all.” (1 Corinthians 15:28)

As we follow Christ in the light of the Holy Spirit, we wish to be inspired by the obedience of Mary the Mother of Jesus who says:
Here am I the Servant of the Lord. (Luke 1:38)

We feel called to serve Christ in our local environment without any particular outward marks distinguishing us from our context. In solitude and unobtrusively we aim to be a leaven bringing communion, peace and solidarity in the Church, the world and in creation as a whole.

Receptive to the Spirit, our ears open to the Scriptures, we give priority to prayer. This allows us to live out the three monastic vows:
– Chastity in the solitude of single life
– Poverty by ever simplifying our life and depending on God alone
-Obedience to God’s will


In the 1950’s some women, together with Geneviève Micheli, Prioress of the Grandchamp Community in Switzerland, looked into the possibility of a vocation to contemplative prayer right at the heart of the everyday world. The booklet “Servants of Unity” prepared by Brother roger of Taizé, with men in mind, was the main inspiration for the women from the start. Out of it has developed the ‘Texte de base’ or ‘the Foundation Text’ for the Servants of Unity today.

The ecumenical dimension was established from the very beginning and down the years women from different confessions and nationalities have been drawn to membership, always remaining in their own country and context.


– Responsibility is shared in obedience to God, and one person is chosen to be the focus of unity in the SU group.
– We have an annual retreat all together and other smaller regional meetings and personal contacts as possible throughout the year. The regular circular letters keep us in touch and are a link that help to build up our communion and fellowship.
– The close relations we have with the Grandchamp Community and meetings with the Protestant and Catholic chaplains all help to keep us well-rooted in the Church.

Contact :

Hilary Wilson
11 Ascroft Road
Liverpool L9 0LL
Grande Bretagne

+44 15 1523 9433